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Dreaming Big: And Taking Action.

It's time to dream a bigger dream; for life is all about dreaming, hoping, and wishing for more life involvement - which is just expressing your uniqueness, your way! Without a new dream, all relationships begin to falter. A new dream for yourself is what is needed now, in order to improve your relationships.

Spiritually, relationships or marriage is the outward reflection of an inner marriage. The inner marriage is a marriage between natural (outer good) with the spiritual (inner truth) of a person, and any problem in relationships can be seen as a problem with this inner relationship.

If you are married, this inner relationship is somewhat balanced, but if you are having problems in your marriage, this inner relationship must be examined now, for balance has to be restored. The real responsibility toward a partner is to dream a bigger dream for yourself, for a greater sense of self involvement will give you more to share, thereby improving your relationship.

Outer good is in three degrees, civil, moral and spiritual, and only when these three are conjoined is truth perceived, and spiritual marriage takes place. These three degrees of good, must be balanced for problems in outer relationships to be resolved.

Civil good, is being a part of a community with some sense of usefulness or success in your life. Moral good, is being a part of something that is greater than just self, and operates as reason. Spiritual good is knowing the previous two must be balanced in order to restore a more appropriate fuller life expression.

Living and loving are what life is all about, and it's time to dream a bigger concept of what that could mean for you. Outward success is hollow if there is no one to share it with, being involved in something greater than yourself is pointless unless you resonate with what you are doing, and dreaming a bigger dream for yourself is daydreaming unless it involves action.

All action, comes from dreaming big - little dreams won't work now. Spiritual good, which is the key - is just the knowledge to live, and to love, and to create what's good for a fuller life expression - and that is dreaming big. And late in the year can bring an opportunity for some of the biggest dream potential in your life - it is up to you to act on it.

by Clayten W. Tylor Google+

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