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Clayten Tylor: Vancouver, B.C.

Clayten has worked as a professional Astrologer in Vancouver, B.C., since 1994, helping thousands of clients improve their lives. He began to study Astrology in the 1970's, taking classes and studying the charts of friends. During that time, he joined the Rosicrucian Order, A.M.O.R.C., for 10 years of metaphysics, and to deepen his understanding of the spiritual world.

During the 1980's, Clayten decided to join The International College of Esoteric Studies, ICES, for 8-years of courses towards a Masters of Sacred Science and a Doctorate of Divinity.

During the early 1990's, he began to study Numerology, and after several years of courses and a finally a name change, he enrolled in Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A)- (Ancient Wisdom Teachings of the Western Tradition), for an additional 18-years of courses in Esoteric Astrology, Gematria (numerology), Sound and Color healing, Occult Psychology, Tarot, and the Holy Qabalah. After a 12-year certification course and several spiritual experiences (that changed his life), he obtained his credentials as a Certified Esoteric Astrologer. Then after six more years of full-time courses with B.O.T.A, on subjects such as psycho-spiritual counseling, Clayten felt he was still just a student; so he began to study Christian Mysticism with a local Swedenborg (1688 -1772) study group, for two years, to understand issues of faith and love from another perspective.

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Qualifications & Experience

Occult Psychology ~ Esoteric Astrology (12 Yrs.) ~ Metaphysics (10 Yrs.) ~ Alchemy (8 Yrs.) ~ Western Esotericism ~ Sacred Science ~ Numerology Life-Cycle Management Training Certificate - Gematria ~ Contemporary Spirituality ~ Mystical Qabalah ~ Tarot ~ Mysticism ~ Dream Interpretation ~ Meditation ~ Color & Sound Therapy ~ Energy Balancing ~ Spiritual Healing ~ Transpersonal Religious Experiences.

10 Yrs, Rosicrucian Order, A.M.O.R.C., Key to Universal Wisdom
 8 Yrs, International College of Esoteric Studies, I.C.E.S., Esoteric Teachings
18 Yrs, Builders of The Adytum, B.O.T.A., Ancient Wisdom Teachings of the Western Tradition.

Relationship Compatibility ~ Psycho-Spiritual Counseling ~ Mid-Life Crisis Issues ~ Grief ~ Stress ~ Spiritual Guidance ~ Self-Help ~ Emotional Dependency ~ Depression ~ Anxiety ~ Fear ~ Self Esteem ~ Coaching ~ Nutrition ~ Diet ~ Career ~ Life Changes ~ Business & Investments ~ Goal Setting ~ Career Guidance ~ Self-healing.

Astrologer Clayten Tylor

Mystery School Studies

10 Years - ROSICRUCIAN ORDER, AMORC. - The Key to Universal Wisdom
18 Years - BUILDERS OF THE ADYTUM, BOTA - Ancient Wisdom Teachings of the Western Tradition.

About Mystery Schools:

Mystery Schools offer courses (usually by correspondence), on a wide variety of subjects, and usually come recommended by a fellow traveler on the road to enlightenment. The course material has not usually been made available for the general-public, and is always protected by membership with an oath of privacy. Courses are always tested, with exams at the end of each week, or by subject; and are marked and graded by volunteer qualified university professors from all over the world. What was once only an oral tradition, the present day modern Mystery Schools are able to reach many more students that are interested in subjects not taught by regular Universities.

Acquiring First-Hand Knowledge:

Essentially, Mystery School training helps the student connect with their own inner instructor; as the answers are not something that can be researched in a library, but something someone has to experience.

The modern Mystery School courses are usually always written by people who have devoted their entire lives to serving others, and with no financial reward for themselves; leaving their published work for the good of the Mystery School, with the Mystery Schools supported by donations and volunteers.