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Designer Chart Wheel $5.
Free with any Astrology Report

Free Birth Chart Sale: One Free Designer Wheel with the purchase of any computer generated Astrology Report. One Designer Wheel per chart. (Friends & Lovers report includes two designer wheels)

These Designer Wheels are High Quality PDF Chart Wheels with spectacular graphics that you can print on 8.5x11, Posters, T-Shirts, etc.
(Reg. priced $5. Cad).

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Report Theme
#1 Report Theme

Designed to complement the new reports layouts.

Also view PDF: #1 Report Theme

Earth Theme
#4 Earth Theme

Modern Earth motives.

Also view PDF: #4 Earth Theme

Old Maps Theme
#2 Old Map Theme

Old classic design.

Also view PDF: #2 Old Map Theme

Landscapes Theme
#5 Landscapes Theme

Full color mother nature, landscape, and wildlife photos.

Also view PDF: #5 Landscapes Theme

Art Nouveau Theme
#3 Art Nouveau Theme

Colorful design inspired in the 1890-1905 movement characterized by organic, nature, plant-inspired motifs, as well as highly-stylized, flowing curvilinear forms.

Also view PDF: #3 Art Nouveau Theme

Pennsylvania Style
#6 Pennsylvania-Style Theme

Inspired in ideas and styles of a volatile period in American art, when American Scene painting dominated but modes of abstraction were ascending.

Also view PDF: #6 Pennsylvania-Style Theme

Dark Theme
#7 Dark Theme

Dark Theme designed by Clayten. Great to look at, but not very printer friendly.

View PDF: #7 Dark Theme

Grey Euro
#8 Gray Euro

Grey-toned background in a color wheel

View PDF: #8 Gray Euro