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27 Aug 2013
¥ > • 07:05 pm 00Ò•00' Tra-Tra
27 Aug 2013 to 15 Oct 2013
Mars Enters Leo
There's a roly-poly feel to the environmental energy for some time to come, kind of like the more you put out, the better you feel, and the more fun it gets, assuming you're making some kind of headway. But even if not, a lot of it is about the game, in and of itself. If you play only to win, this can be a distracting period, indeed.

09 Sep 2013
¥ Å § 04:07 am 07Ò•52' Tra-Tra
07 Sep 2013 to 10 Sep 2013
Mars Square Saturn
Trying to push on too hard in the face of incremental resistance puts a strain on everyone, with some accompanying lessons to be learned. To wit, don't pursue energy-wasters once you've spotted what's happening. If you're not getting anywhere, move on to the next and return another day to finish up.

14 Sep 2013
¥ Ä ¨ 01:57 pm 11Ò•16' Tra-Tra
13 Sep 2013 to 16 Sep 2013
Mars Trine Uranus
Surprising and original ways to channel energies and get things done allow a faster pace and a more entertaining lifestyle. Newness sparks energy and there is an openness to future thinking that allows for greater scope of action. It's a good time for launching almost anything, so jump in and start the ball rolling.

20 Sep 2013
À Ô 01:56 am 08Òš59' Tra-Tra
20 Sep 2013 to 14 Apr 2014
Pluto Stationary Direct

15 Oct 2013
¥ > – 04:05 am 00Ò–00' Tra-Tra
15 Oct 2013 to 07 Dec 2013
Mars Enters Virgo
Focused energy is the name of the general game for some time to come, with measured and targeted tasks the preferred approach. Efforts that benefit from attention to detail are favored, and generalists may be sidelined until the current assignment is completed. Get a copy of the rules (you probably won't have to look far) and play along.

19 Oct 2013
¥ Ã © 06:53 pm 02Ò–45' Tra-Tra
18 Oct 2013 to 21 Oct 2013
Mars Opposition Neptune
Energy leaks and loss of control make for confusing maneuvers where everyone wonders just what's going on. If anyone does, they're not letting on. Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? Hard to tell right now, and hard to make a move when information is foggy, patchy, unreliable.

31 Oct 2013
¥ Ä À 03:43 am 09Ò–25' Tra-Tra
29 Oct 2013 to 01 Nov 2013
Mars Trine Pluto
Forceful action is highlighted by confidence and follow-through, which doubles the available power at hand. Swing through, not at, the ball and it will fly straight and true. Today's beginnings will grow self-reliant and reliable, fueled by faith and conviction that converts to action anytime, anywhere.

09 Nov 2013
¥ Æ § 03:58 am 14Ò–36' Tra-Tra
06 Nov 2013 to 11 Nov 2013
Mars Sextile Saturn
It takes firm ground and good traction to run a long race, and that's what is available for those willing to take advantage of it now. Put the heat on low and slow cook that roast until it's perfectly tender. Playing the long game is easy -- Rome wasn't built in a day, and that's how it became the Eternal City.

19 Nov 2013
¥ Æ ¦ 06:49 am 20Ò–15' Tra-Tra
17 Nov 2013 to 20 Nov 2013
Mars Sextile Jupiter
Cruise control is the key to forward motion, so don't waste time pumping the pedal, just set it for the speed limit and keep your hands on the wheel -- the rest will take care of itself. When operations are well-tuned, you can afford to be on automatic along with the rest of the world, driving without distraction.

07 Dec 2013
¥ > — 12:42 pm 00Ò—00' Tra-Tra
07 Dec 2013 to 25 Jul 2014
Mars Enters Libra
When you come to the fork, take both roads - that's the game for some time to come, as playing both ends against the middle is what everybody's trying to do. It takes twice the energy to invest in both sides of a contest, so activity is high and so is exhaustion. If you really know where you're headed, you don't have to play this round.